Devised by Colin Andrews 


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STAGE  ONE :    Preparations for a long space journey. Essential requirements. Self sufficiency in food & energy. Recycling. Personal relationships.

Stage 1 Teachers' Notes

Stage 1 Students' Materials

Colin Andrews 1986, 2013

STAGE TWO:    The simulated space journey. Decision making. Monitoring of resources & life support systems. Co-operative working.


Stage 2 Teachers' Notes

Stage 2 Students' Logs

Stage 2 Hazard Cards

Colin Andrews 1986, 2013

STAGE THREE:  Establishment of 4 separate communities on Terra Nostra. Community rules & systems of government. Use and abuse  of natural resources. Different customs and cultures. Trading.  Co-operation and conflict.


Stage 3 Teachers' Notes

Stage 3  Resource Cards

Stage 3  Students' Materials

Resource Tokens sheet 1

Resource Tokens sheet 2

                   Colin Andrews 1986, 2013

References within Out Of This World to other games & simulations

Additional Resource Material

References to other organisations and resources


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